Hot Water Heaters

Mission Plumbing & Heating installs, services and repairs all types of gas and electric heaters. A regularly serviced hot water heater not only prolongs the life of the unit, it will help with it's efficiency as well. With out proper service, hotwater tanks can rupture, and cause massive damage in your house. We offer a maintenance package that will help prolong the life of your hot water tank.

On Demand "Tankless" Hot Water Heaters

A tankless water heater takes water directly from the pipes and uses either and electric element or a gas burner to heat the water. No water is ever stored in a holding tank before being dispersed. Tankless water systems deliver a constant supply of hotwater that is virtually endless.

Our staff are highly trained in installation, service, and repairs of these units.

Bathroom & Kitchen Plumbing

Mission Plumbing & Heating has been installing, repairing, and servicing various fixtures in residential and commercial buildings for over 18 years. Toilets, sinks, faucets, showers, tubs, garburators, dishwashers and icemaker connections are some of the services we provide. For a full list call us!

Water Leaks

Clogged pipes, water line backups, or even broken pipes can cause a major inconvenience for a homeowner. The staff at Mission Plumbing & Heating are specialists in installations, servicing, and repairing water pipe breaks. We will assess the problem and then either repair the pipe, or do a complete replacement. Our staff are also qualified to perform main water service replacements.

Water Quality

Water is the essence of life. When it comes to our drinking water, no one wants dirty or hard water. Mission Plumbing & Heating offers an array of services to help you overcome your water quality issues. First we will test your water, and then determine which corse of action will be necessary to correct the problem. We are qualified to install, service, or repair purification, filtration, and softening and conditioning solutions for your home.


Do you draw your water from a well? We are qualified to repair or replace your well pump if you are having a problem. Our staff are also trained to install new booster pumps if the one you are using is not strong enough.