The staff at Mission Plumbing & Heating are BC SAFETY AURTORITY LICENCED GAS AND BOILER CERTIFIED CONTRACTORS. Whether you are looking for a new installation, maintenance, or a replacement, our staff are trained and certified to do it all. We offer annual inspections to make sure your boiler is running smoothly.


Maintaining a steady temperature in your house is not only beneficial for your health, it's benifical to your well being. Mission Plumbing & Heating staff are all certified to install, service, repair, or replace your furnace. We also offer other services that will help your unit running smoothly and effiecently for years to come.


From small residential pumps to large industrial ones, we are certified to install, repair, service or repair them all. All the staff are trained to work with heat pumps, fluid transfer pumps, and motor replacement or rebuilding.


All our staff at Mission Plumbing & Heating are qualified and trained to work on all controls ranging from thermostats, to computer DDL systems. Whether you are looking for a new installation, or you

Roof Top Units

We provide installations, replacement, and service for all roof top units. If you would like to find out more about this service, please call us.