The environment is important to us, and we do our best to be environmentally conscience in our day to day activities. Mission Plumbing & Heating is doing our part by providing the following Green Energy Systems. Please call for more information on the sales and services we offer.


Geothermal installations require a specially trained technician to install, and should not be attempted by anyone who has not been certified. That is why the installers at Mission Plumbing & Heating are CANADIAN GEO-EXCHANGE COALITION CERTIFIED

Micro Hydro

If you have running water year round, or seasonal running water, a micro hydro system my be perfect for you. Since water flows day and night, a micro hydro system requires far less battery storage than other technologies, and is greener for the environment.

Mission Plumbing & Heating will come to your location and assess your location to find out what system will be the best for you. We will then install a new system for you. Should you already have a system, we are also certified to repair, or install missing pieces of your current system.


Solar systems are one of the best ways to harness a natural energy that is al around us. The power can be used for anything from heating a pool, to topping up batteries hooked to an inverter. Our staff are trained to install, service and repair new and existing solar systems.

Green Energy Systems